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Updated on Friday, September 18, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the math leader with the short black hair and pink bandana around his neck most of the time: I didn't talk to you nearly enough last year when I was on your team, and wasn't able to this year, but I think your smile and dancing are super cute!


  1. Awww...What team were you on last year? XP

    1. OP here:
      SnapChart kickstart!
      All you teams will fall apart!
      10 seconds or less
      is all we need for our success ;)

      (... yes I still remember the cheer XD)

  2. As unspecific as you are untalkative
    #12maleleaders #everyonehasshortbrownhair

  3. Well, actually there were only like 2 this year that wore pink bandana around their neck all the time... so that narrows it down

  4. Honestly given we know it's a head leader with short black hair who was on SnapChart last year, pretty sure that narrows it down to one person.

  5. E^LN E^LN E^LN E^LN!

  6. Im pretty sure that leader just recently broke up with a long time girlfriend. Elan elan elan elan! :p