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Updated on Wednesday, October 7, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To every girl and boy at UW, you are beautiful and smart! Ignore people who say otherwise!


  1. don't tell me what to do.

  2. For variable values of "beautiful" and "smart". In some cases much lower and in other cases much higher.

  3. undeserved self-praise results in pride and sloth

    ugly retard

  4. You go, Glenn Coco!

  5. praising people won't boost their self-esteem. with the way you're doing it, you're just making them feel worse if someone ends up telling them that they're ugly. you're teaching people to be sensitive to what they look like or how smart they are when you should just be telling them to embrace who they are and to be content with the way they are. just because someone's ugly doesn't mean they're less important. You're implying that beauty and intellect are both important characteristics. You're just raising the value of beauty when you should just not be commenting on people's appearance in the first place. i'm ugly, so what. Doesn't really matter. I dont identify myself as beautiful because i don't like living in a false reality. and i honestly don't care about my appearance. it doesn't bother me one bit. And I'm not smart. so what? that just tells me that I should improve, because i know i can do better.
    So you should either just encourage people to be satisfied with who they are or to try and improve so that they can reach that level of satisfaction. the way you're going about it, in my opinion, is just wrong.

    1. You know, 5, for someone who claims to not be smart, you certainly do have an impressive intellect to convey that point as well as you did.

  6. Okay 5, we'll pretend you're not 5b, shhh. We know you don't get enough external validation.