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Updated on Tuesday, October 13, 2015



To the girl who was sitting and trying to do homework without sleeping till 2:30am on Tuesday at SLC Great Hall: it was the first time I have seen you on campus. Nice skirt and beautiful curly hairstyle you had. Since I am a little bit asocial, I wanted to put note beside you. Just finished writing, you had to leave. I hope you are seeing this and I hope I'll see you again.

BTW, this is the first MC I am posting here.


  1. r u bein srs
    leave her a note? Literally what are you going to do for the date? Have it through skype? It's uni, seriously "i'm asocial" is going to just destroy your 4 years here. I'm not saying get drunk every weekend but have the balls to go up to a girl and tell her you wanna hang out.

  2. I think that would have been so cute!

  3. ignore the first comment lol some people just don't understand.

    1. Nah
      Notes are creepy as hell
      If I found a note on my notes when I was gone I will rip it into pieces and make sure no one is stalking me when I go home.