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Updated on Thursday, December 3, 2015



okay i understand that i may sound like a major creep but hey who cares its the internet...

so about a year ago (fall term 2014) me and my friends used to see this really cute guy in DC study area like all the time. idk his name. but he looked asian?(maybe white and asian mixed), tall, slim, he literally looked like an anime character lol. sort of has that dreamy/mysterious look. i went on co-op for 8 months and i was hoping to spot him this term, but i havent seen him once. maybe he graduated :/ does anyone else know who this guy is? is he a model or something? damn it, at this day and age he must have an instagram account or something...

anyway. mysterious looking cute guy, if youre reading this... COME BACK TO DC and show your pretty face. maybe i'll talk to you when i see you (probably won't though)


  1. Welp, I just got cancer from reading this.

  2. are you talking about
    Christopher Vendryes?

  3. He's gay. I can tell just from reading your post.