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Updated on Tuesday, February 23, 2016


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brunette leader from st. jerome's a couple of years back who was so rude to me after I tried to get to know you, and then possibly ask you out to coffee.. you were in arts (english I think.)

You (and your sidekick K) are the most self-righteous people I have ever met. I know I was a bit of a shy guy, but I tried to be nice to you even though you were so full of yourself and controlling. Turns out there was nothing more for me to see in you, and that everything I heard about you was true. I was told that you would turn me down because even though you come across as accepting and *cough* nice to everyone, you are actually very excluding and rude to people who don't share your opinions or fit your ideal "type". You humiliated me in front of all my peers by correcting a SMALL grammar error and laughing about it. SOME LEADER.

You might have a good reputation (wrongfully so), and awards and connections to get you ahead, but that's all you have. you won't get far with a snobby two-faced attitude. I hope you never show your face at SJU ever again.

-Sly Fly Shy Guy


  1. lolllll what year? pretty sure i know who this is about.

    #sj #drama

  2. Damn son, I hope those thotties eat shit and die.

  3. st jeromes is full of these kinda of ppl, dont take it personally OP