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Updated on Tuesday, March 29, 2016


MISSED CONNECTION: First encounter: we talked, but mostly as friends
Second encounter(1year later): you were admiring and paying so much attention to me, which of course made me think you liked me(I could have been wrong)... This time around you were drunk so I was not sure if you meant it.

Third encounter: I was rushing for class and I saw you, but I couldn't say hi
* this time I started having feeling for you, but I felt I was not good enough**
Fourth encounter (almost one year later): I really wanted to see you and finally I did. I saw you in the bus sitting, i was behind you. I wanted to say hi but my body wouldn't let me. Instead my body was stiff and I just felt awkward and did know what to do after all those months.... At the end I couldn't say bye, and just wanted to hide so you wouldn't see me.

*** I am a very social person, but when it comes to someone I like I can't seem to be who I am. I become extremely shy around them and awkward. The biggest reason is aIso I am afraid of rejections, so if I like someone I will just keep it to myself until they are taken** NEED ADVICE :(

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